Lucy Jay Scarves (at Howkapow)

Scarves make you feel glamourous, protected, sophisticated and act much like the flake atop a 99 ice cream. That extra whack of pizazz that takes an outfit to its next level. Sometimes I feel surrounded by snazzy scarves; commuter trains often hold scarfed women – like a cool comfort blanket – my neck feels decidedly vulnerable and unstylish next to these splurges of colour and silk. But when I have one on, I twiddle with it and feel invincible. From day to night, the unexpected, the formal and the fairground. I have a friend that would never, ever dream about travelling without a scarf in her bag. What’s particularly excellent too, is that you can wear nice scarves tied atop your head, wrapped around your head and tied at the neck, as a belt or tied to your bag. All fabulous options.

I like Howkapow. It’s based in Bristol and sells Lucy Jay scarves. These are made from soft silk and feature fabulous, fresh designs. I do love the pineapple print- as you may know, my beloved pineapple tea light (50s garish), is a regular highlight sneaking into pictures in this blog. This scarf’s repeating design in candy colours, is perfect.

Then many of the other scarves are a mixture of bold prints, Moschino inspired controlled explosions. Then there are some that make me think of scandinavian, pretty little caravans and mountains – like fair isle prints for scarves. Would look stunning with clogs. In fact my favourite print is the one at the top of this post.

But these are also gorgeous, gorgeous.

Various sizes, ones in Howkapow start at £85. See here for more details of the ones available at Howkapow and here for Lucy Jay’s website.


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