I Break Horses – Hearts

I feel like this song encapsulates a lot. It sounds like how I feel. Murky, misty, but good. I know this doesn’t make sense, which is why it’s good this song exists. Because this song makes sense. Sense it does.

Beautiful video by Alex Southam.

Maria Lindén and her musical partner Fredrik Balck are I Break Horses. Their name comes from the Bill Callahan song (see my adoration for Bill). They make their music in Stockholm, Sweden. Hearts, their debut album of nine tracks came about over three years of dipping and diving, singing and swaying in the crystal fuzziness of everyday life. His detached drama, mixing with her floaty voice. They hit hard, clash, ultimately making for fantastic sounds. They’re a bit like Decoder Ring, Death in Vegas and Sigur Ros. So if you like them – or indeed if you’re feeling slightly dappled – have a listen and imagine you are by a lake, flying or something equally contented and mind escapist. I like the flying.

For reference: The Swedish duo I Break Horses, are signed to Bella Union.


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