I was resting on the wall, titled over the piled up shoe rack, straining to hear the name. I scribbled down my interpretation of Lauren Laverne’s words on a bit of notepaper in my bag. When I stumbled out the door with my bike and up the stairs, out into the fresh air and into the blasting wind, I remained transfixed with the music I’d heard. I didn’t realise it was Daughter at all. Something had finally clicked and I now all I wanted to do was hear the music again.

Elena Tonra has a gentle voice, it tumbles out like the flowing thoughts you can’t help but listen to. You’re alone when you’re surrounded. The mind is on a boat somewhere, thinking about this, that and them. The electric guitar’s muffled sounds are like Beach House – but minus the pinky pop. Though still dreamy blue and definitely running on the sand. The addition of a drum, adds the depth that hits the bottom of the heart and makes for the shudder, like Sea of Bees. Each song is a story, a dedication and a moment to love, to him and most of all to her.

Run is my favourite. The future unknown, they vow to take the plunge and run into the murky distance, alone but for each other; “Will you stay with me my love, when we’re old and grey?”. She is vulnerable as can be, but full of the answers that come with running. I also particularly like; Tomorrow ,”When the sun comes out we’ll be nothing but dust, just the outline of our hands.” The future, the past, the unknown, the love. Usual things, scrambled and put in a new and glorious way, making everything seem clearer and better.

What’s FANTASTIC is that Daughter played at Shop – one of my long-term favourite shops of Bristol- and this is their video, filmed by Tom Swindell. You’ll like this.

Daughter; His Young Heart EP is available to download now, see here for more details.


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