Pretty 30s headwear

I’ve always loved the 30s pretty, tomboyish style. It’s cheeky and excitable, allowing for flowing fabrics and femininity, whilst allowing one to partake in a spot of rounders/tennis/dancing/horse riding. Since starting swing classes, I’ve also become more enthralled with the jazzy, swing – jumping around wearing brogues and headpieces world. That’s not to say I can turn my dancing self to aerial dancing just yet – or indeed do the eight-step particularly well. But I do LOVE the 30s, it looks like it was an interesting time to be alive. And be a woman.

I myself have 12 hats, and each one represents a different personality. Why just be yourself?
Margaret Atwood

Here are a few bits of headwear I like:

Pear and Ivy do sweet headbands. I actually have one of their feathered headbands in midnight blue. Francois stole a couple of the feathers, but it’s remained beautiful and an instant lift. Also great for cycling in windy weather.

Beyond Retro has some fabdab headwear. Like this bowler hat!

Dorethea’s Closet has many beautiful, original headpieces, like these:

Giant Dwarf aka Sue Eggen does some gorgeous headpieces. I love this one:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6


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