James Koch, Western Exposure and shifts.

Those weeks when everything changes. You’ve been sitting waiting. Restlessly or motionless, eyebrows furrowed, it’s hard trying and trying. Then all at once it changes. The world spins a bit and you’re looking at it from a completely different place. You can’t stop time of course and shifts are the inevitable consequence of the tick tocking of the clock. Whether you like it or not. Darn fantastic or terrifically bad changes, it is our minds, strength and imaginations that have to interpret them and turn them into whatever they may be. I couldn’t tell you what’s really happened, but there’s been a shift. Ultimately I can say, I like change. Who wants to be bumbling along, is that contentment or numbness?

Living in a city the change is fast paced; underground or as brash as the billboards that litter it. It’s true when they say you have to live somewhere to really appreciate it; the people, the cultural scene and the heartfelt debates. I say this from my true heart of hearts: Bristol is a great, bizarre and wonderful city, with worlds hanging out in every corner. There’s an electricity here that’s not manufactured, hyped by PR neon sheets and emails, stuck with blue tac to towers or coming from anywhere but the untold, worlds of inspiration. Good and bad.

I was invited to the screening of James Koch and Vianet Djenguet’s film, Western Exposure at Whitelock and Grace – (cocktail bar of heavenly levels that I went to yesterday- I want to go there in the dark), but sadly I couldn’t make it. However as you can see on Bristol Culture, it is on YouTube and it is right here for you to watch. The film uses James’ photography on his journeys through Bristol. I think it’s a beauty.


James Koch Photography: http://www.jameskochphotography.com/
Also, it is the Invisible Circus-No Dress Rehearsal screening on Saturday. Don’t forget to check out my Q and A with the Invisible Circus documentary maker, Naomi Smyth here.


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