glitter sparkling at dusk

Charlie and I at Glastonbury a few big old years ago.

“Like any other family, the hippies can occasionally be seen taking afternoon tea. The sandwiches and fruitcake are on offer most afternoons at the home of Miss ** ** a determined lady of over 80. She lives in Gla(r)stonbury and is a staunch defender of the hippies. She feeds them, has them to stay and encourages them to take baths.” BBC on festivals, watch here.

This has been a week of great joys and bountiful tears. I will not go into why, I don’t tend to outburst in tear waterfalls, but sometimes it happens and this time I had cause. But equally, some great and wonderful things have taken place and it is a mixture of these that reminds me I am indeed, alive.

However, one thing that I am slightly disappointed about and will share with you now, is that I am not a Glastonbury. BBC6 Music are cranking out 24 hour coverage this weekend. Twenty four. So continuous Glastonbury on the old beast. Well, cheers then. Glastonbury tickets are totally out of my budget at the moment, and indeed most of my friends are also unable to go because it’s a MILLION POUNDS. Those that are there, are working. I understand I should save for these things – and we are lucky to even have festivals -, but living expenses alone are hefty for us. Renting, bills, food – no spare cash. I miss my student days. Anyway, enough moaning, jealousy isn’t attractive and I hope to go to something through reporting on it. Really hope I can do this. I LOVE writing about festivals and all who sail in her. SO GOOD. I hope everyone has a sparkly time if they are going to any festivals this summer. L.O.V.E.

So here are a couple of festival pictures from days gone.

The following are screenshots from my Shambala Review last year for the mighty Suit Yourself Magazine (who I loved working for).

“Women become beautiful, and men become so handsome, ya know” BBC on festivals, watch here.

Festivals are a glorious escape.


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