Style Story

When you lie down flat and your back arches upwards, that little cave from your shoulders to your pelvis? That’s where it ached. Dull and more present when the lights switched off at night time. Though of course it never really got dark in the city.The street lights created a murky light, full of human humidity, screeching lights and city wildlife. The dull light in the room, the misty wind through the sheer curtains, together with the back ache, was all somehow more frightening than the thick blanket of darkness out in the wilds.

A city break used to be all she longed, the buzz replacing the grasshoppers and whistling grasses. Now she felt she’d lost the voice of the countryside, that voice that spoke so loud when she first arrived. She’d suppressed it for so long, now she sort of felt she’d become a follower of niches, as opposed to a rambler through the wilds of discovery.

The curtains billowed, full of the energy that the heavy kind she was advised to buy for a city blackout, could never have. They sprang about oddly and she half expected the BFG to materialise. She got up, sat by the window and decided to leave for a day or so. Sleep in a tent on the grassy hills cosying up to the beach. She packed her bag full of mismatched favourite items, ready for the adventure. Then left the cat enough food for two days. She’d be back then. Two days was what she needed to see the stars clearly and stretch out her back on the natural mattress of the countryside.

Polyvore, Zimmermann, Urban Outfitters, Corgihoisery, La Garconne, Polerstuff, Open Library.


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