My mother always blames the weather for things. Weather or hormones. Sometimes the dog. For example: * ‘I’m feeling annoyed and all of a fluster, a little here and a lot there, with no central concentration… in fact there is NO concentration!’* ‘I’m confused over up to 40 things.’ *’I love and hate him, why?’ * ‘Mother. I have gone mad.’

It’s true, looking at it; ‘The weather is all over the place at the moment, it doesn’t know what it’s doing.’ It’s no surprise.

And right now the world outside my window is most confusing. Whilst my basement flat is generally set at fridge, the outside is playing havoc with the outfits/vegetable patch/washing and emotions. There is a LINK of course, everyone is affected by the sunshine and clouds. In England we are obsessed and can often be seen entirely unprepared for our own yoyoing weather, administering sunburn or walking in sodden espadrilles. Are espies EVER a good idea in England? I love mine, but alas yesterday, they were a mistake.

In my childhood, it was mostly boiling hot or snowing. Amazing what a memory can do, I think it only actually snowed three times in Sussex. Properly. There were a few heat waves though. Sensationally hot. My GCSE year was possibly the very best of all sunshine years.

As it IS actually summer, we should be embracing and pretending that it really is. To do this, I find that playing music that equates to summer very beneficial. So I am going to bestow on you two summery type songs, both of which make me happy + joyous.

Listening to 70s/80s by Nightmares on Wax, you may as well be sitting on a beach after a dunk in the ocean, halloumi sandwich on the go with a side of pineapple and those vegetable tyrrell crisps. Oh, I can smell the coconut sunscreen. Fight the weather! Ma would be proud.

The second, Young Blood by The Naked and Famous, is more of the shouty, power persuasion, with potential for dancing in said yoyoing weather. Even in espadrilles – though I would urge you not to. Look at them, enjoying everything, jumping around. Ooh I love it.


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