Lionheart went to market – or wants to

Florida 1963, photo by Walter Reed

When a massage falls over the realms of budget, along with a holiday sitting upon an island, or maybe a horse, trotting through the days, sleeping under canvas and eating a hearty feast everyday. Imagine sunrise and sunset the only indicator of time? We had that once. We stayed in a remote cottage in France, Charlie’s uncle’s haven. The stars were as bright as those remotest Australia. A place I travel back to in my imagination, a time when I felt the vastness of space and the possibilities and limits of time like never before. Nature is terribly important for understanding and drawing from in this hectic world.

Yet, I love to be part of it, to appreciate the wonders within it, the busy as well as the calm. I have been going full force on the magazine, perhaps not as much as I would like to, working at a publishers full time last week for example, but from now it must take absolute precedent. It was always going to take everything and more, but I have had a new shining light of possibility shone in my eyes recently. At first I was astonished and blinded with delight, but now my eyes have adjusted and I must do everything I can to ensure that the light remains on and doesn’t wander off. I am resolute that I will not be left in the vast desert that I may like to retreat to, but can never dwell in forever.

I need to prove that Lionheart Magazine has a market. Which I certainly believe it does, but I have to show it. I also have to have evidence that people will advertise in it and others will stock it. I would love boutiques, independent shops and galleries to have issues of the Lionheart Magazine. It would be perfect, as I believe I share many of the principles and beliefs that many a space holds. This goes too for a number or brands – ethical clothing, small businesses and boutique hotels. If you can think of anywhere or anyone that may be able to answer or help with advertising, marketing or distribution, please let me know. I am committed to this pretty light and crucially, to creating something beautiful, inspirational, informative and accessible to everyone. I have much of my content ready and waiting, but printing would be brilliant if I had backing. Please do use the comments box below or email me if you have a suggestion, I’d be very grateful indeed!

In the meantime, small breaks and massage/holiday gallivant equivalents can be supplied by music. Right now, by Rachel Dadd and Ichi singing White Ash Cut, a This Is The Kit cover. You can listen and download it free here.

Here is an original Rachel Dadd song called, The Wires. The video is an animation adventure!


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