Battersea mice & cat lovers united

Look at this kitten, in some kind of mouse ball pit. I imagine the photographer is dangling some kind of King Mouse to distract him from his bed of mice.

I’m sure you know about my love of cats and in particular, young Francois, my ginger tom. I was thinking of toning the cat love down a bit, but then my brother sent me this article from the Guardian today. Stoking the cat love fire and mixing in my craft love (despite inability) in there. Reading the article; bored summer cats, need toys for playing. Knitters can help, by knitting little mice. I made the decision, I obviously had to show my support for the plight of the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home‘s appeal for cat toys.

Francois is a lucky cat, he gets a lot of attention. When there’s been a gap in Porkchop’s (Charlie’s name) attention time, he is either really intense and wants to be up and as close to your face as possible, or stand offish. Though cats are independent and feisty, they’re little purring monsters and absolutely appreciate being fussed over. They also appreciate items of entertainment like knitted mice. So I implore you, if you can knit, then make one of these catnip mice for the furry ones. Francois went absolutely nuts when he had his catnip mice, jumping around and doing drive by attacks on anything that moved. Personally, I would make one without the catnip as F-cat was almost intolerably manic. Do, do make one though, F has a few non-nippers stored around the flat and he’s always visibly smug when he fishes them out to terrorise them afresh.

I’ll leave you with a quote from Pat Albeck, in an interview I had with the design legend herself.

I adore cats, I don’t understand anyone that doesn’t love cats. They are such wonderfully designed animals. Our cat isn’t so smart at the moment, not with hair parted down the middle like a proper cat. We used to have three white cats, a design advantage, as it was just eyes, nose and whiskers. They are terribly sentimental, cats. Yet they are thought to be too obvious like hearts, or roses, or lavender. Such a shame because they’re wonderful things.

Precisely Pat Albeck.

Look at one of Pat’s cats:

…and her designs from the 50s:


Pretty, pretty.

See my interview with Pat Albeck in Issue One of Lionheart Magazine. Out soon – I will holler from the hills when the issue comes out, trust me.


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