Money post for Cherry Healey

really like the shoes and jumper...

I wrote another blog post for Cherry Healey. This time on MONEY/DOSH/CASH/DOUGH/FUNDS.. treasure. Etc. See the full article here.


I would definitely waft. You know, as if with the (Chanel) breeze. I’d also probably talk a bit less and almost definitely not be so clumsy. I imagine also, that my wardrobe would be full of beautiful silk jumpsuits and original vintage dresses, and I would be able to walk comfortably in heels. My hair would never flick awkwardly at the back and fringe and I would be glowing, as if fresh from a walk picking peonies in a field, even whilst on the tube. Then, I suppose I would never actually take the tube. If I was rich.

I am not rich.

I’m currently trying to start a beautiful magazine, Lionheart Magazine (hurrah!). Essentially it’s for those like moi; with imaginative and real features, craft, fashion, gardening, cooking, nutrition – the lot. I love the dear thing, but alas, I am sure money will not arrive like an organic, spontaneous waterfall from its roaring mouth. Naturally I will now insert the disclaimer: Money has never been my motivation, loving what I do has always been most important to me. HOWEVER, it would be nice to occasionally buy that amazing red maxi skirt I saw in Topshop, par exemple.

I have done some exceedingly terrible jobs in my time. These include onion picking, selling ironing board covers and ringing people to do beer packaging surveys. Through this I have learnt some vital lessons about money. It only goes so far. Normally, not far. Once those pennies have been spent, they aren’t coming back unless you earn them back.



2 thoughts on “Money post for Cherry Healey

  1. genna pethers

    Hey Hels,
    I LOVE reading your blog posts they are so good! the latest one makes me want to get my bike out and find a woodland that i can explore!
    I was reading the post about money too….is this line about the mullens?!

    “On Monday, get out in cash how much you intend to spend that week. Try not to go over it. This has not worked for me yet, but it has worked for many people I know. They are now traveling the world”

    genna x

    1. Hels Writes Post author

      Thank you so much Genna. Yes, I am talking about the young Mullens, I always use my friends as examples and subjects! They are a very inspiring couple, ahhh. xxx


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