Wooded haven

On Sunday morning, Charlie and I went for a cycle. He made me go on the new mountain bike trails in the woods. I thought I was suitably ‘wooshing’ through the trees, a la adventure film, but bike men racing up behind me like supersonic steam trains, proved me otherwise. “Hels, if someone comes up behind you, it’s courtesy to get out there way to let them go by.” He said. Being Sunday and all, the bike tracks had a large number of speed wheelers, sitting up in their saddles, determination on their faces – which meant I spent a lot of time squealing and falling into the brambly hard shoulder. Cheers then!

That being said, it was ‘fun’ and eventually I stopped squealing quite so much. I also managed to appreciate the beautiful woods too, despite my obvious fast pace. It was all so good, that we popped back for a walk last night in another part of the woods. We walked through the towering trees, stared down the green cliff like sides and somehow managed to get into a jungly part and a ditch. It was a very lovely use of an hour on a Monday night. I took some photos naturalich.


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