On Thursday, Charlie and I decided that it was now or never as regards to this much alluded to holiday. We knew we needed a little break and time consisting of ‘just us’ – me hammering home that fact as much as possible. Charlie loves to camp. Oh how he does. I like camping, but I prefer pretty cottages. Having said that I’m not a fan of the empty holiday home. But, I’m also not a fan of the big caravan/camping sites. There would – in August- definitely be bazillions of little kiddos scamping about the place and that was not conducive to the holiday of romance. Now, let me make this clear, I think tents are extremely romantic as it goes and will welcome a good pitch and a cup of tea in the morning, as sometimes even better than a cottage. It’s true.

Anyway, Charlie and I spent a good few hours scouring the internet for a home/ good camping spot. He was thinking wild camping, but that cup of tea/bathroom is crucial and I guess, SOMEtimes I am just a big, scared girl. Research discoveries: Holiday homes an average of at least £600, caravans MORE than that and tent pitches £20. HOWEVER, amazingly, I found a place offering £5/night/tent pitches and it had a bathroom, BATH, a dog on the website, as well as an idyllic looking bridge apparently nearby. In addition, the place specialises in cream tea. We went there and it looked liked the top photo – flowers, green grass and a beautiful building dating back to the 1300s.

Here lists the bits I loved about our holiday, before the barrage of photos.
* We had the campsite (essentially a large garden) to ourselves
* We had a BBQ, stove, blow up bed, table, flowers on the table, seat cushions, a duvet, blankets, bikes, a surfboard, a frisbee, bat and ball, a small lake nearby and granola for breakfast.
* Free scones.
* I had a bath.
* Listening to John the groundsman’s chatting to us.
* Linda’s many, many tea sets, ornaments and love of her animals.
* Two of the days were really, really hot. We got sun touched skin.
* Francis Drake, the goose that had been attacked by a fox, but survived. He couldn’t hold his neck up, but he was amazing.
* Scrumpy and Jack, two little dogs. Though they did try to mark our tent.
* Being in the middle of nowhere.
* No internet
* Ducks! They sound like laughing when they quack don’t they? Ragh, ragh, ragh, ragh!
* Hearing the choir singing in St Davids.
* The rammed antique store in Narbeth.
* Charlie surfing and being chuffed that he was surfing. Whilst I read, read, read on the beach. And planned things.
* Being refreshed.
* Reading
* Walking
* Bike ride
* The scary mill house down the road, full of dolls – it had closed down as it wasn’t making any money.
* Hearing about the landowners, Lords and Barons who still inherit land.
* Imagining Tess of the D’Urbervilles and other heroines of the 1800s walking for miles.
* The crazy rain.
* Hearing badger grunts at night, along with baby owls. Though I was occasionally (again) scared.

We stayed at Nash Farm, go! Doubles are only £45/night and Linda and the groundsman, John were brilliant.


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