style (mine)

Oooh Pout.

Photo: Classic. Taken in France- NOT my flat!

I love beautiful fabrics, textile design, well cut pieces and general visually wonderful things. Like many others, of course. This can mean many things that I think are brilliant, aren’t even remotely fashionable, just in my eyes, they are the bees knees. I love the style other people sport, from the ridiculous to the utterly chic. I also thoroughly enjoy writing my Style Stories and reporting on London Fashion Week etc.

So, I was honoured to be asked by Sian Hogan to answer some questions on my own style. Though I am not inclined to say I am a very stylish person myself – what’s more, I’ve never had a manicure or any of those pretty, pretty things – or considered myself and how I look too much – but, I LOVE STYLE per se. And ultimately my own comes out if I am happy, and I also believe it is then that I look my best. That’s what matters – being confident and happy inside yada, yada- and you can really tell. Though I love to dress up, my favourite thing is mish match outfits and no/super minimal make up (see: Wales and the photo at the top of this post). It feels nice not to worry at all. But I think it’s important to always hold yourself well, look after your health and try and be positive. Beautiful clothes are an extra wonder, WONDER. They are also important in many settings and can be a great reflection of your character. I think.

Below is the article (I’m not sure about the photo I submitted – hmm!), click on it for the whole thing. It’s for MyStreetChic and I’d like to say a massive thank you to Sian for asking me do it!

p.s. Charlie is back later – he’s been away in Wales – I have been drying out our tent for the past four days – this weather is ridiculous. Have a splendiferous weekend, I hope it’s the cat’s meow!

Morris Dictionary of Word and Phrase Origins

CAT’S MEOW / PAJAMAS / WHISKERS: These are slang expressions from the 1920s all designating excellence. Clara Bow, the ‘it’ girl of those long-gone days, was “the cat’s meow,” in the opinion of millions of silent-screen admirers. In Percy Marks once-famed but now forgotten novel, ‘The Plastic Age’(1924), occurs this eminently forgettable passage: “It’s a good poem. It’s the cat’s pajamas.” Before these expressions gained wide popularity in the ‘jazz age,’ they were apparently well known in girls’ schools.

p.p.s. I think I might to a style post on Charlie’s style – it’s AMAZING. The smoking jacket (above) is just the start, believe me.


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