Berries of goodness

This weekend was one of pure elational happiness, hugs, farm animals, moody clouds, sunshine, singing to the lustful twosome upstairs and arguing on the steepest hill in Bristol. Yes, I was a feisty princess this weekend and Charlie gave as good as he got. Equally there was sickening love; we ran in the rain, picked berries, over boiled our blackberry jam, I made successful pastry and we held hands looking at farm animals. I got bitten by a goat and we went for a run. We fell asleep on each other watching a film and walked through a graveyard in the drizzle. I was banned from saying the word Autumnal and Francois howled for more mackerel because he is spoilt.

I always said I wouldn’t want a wet blanket for a boyfriend, or someone that wouldn’t allow me to go mad, and go so with me. That we would dance together, eat loads of food and go on adventures. It’s right that he’s Science and I’m English, that I can deal with big crises and he with small. I’m sorry that I am a princess sometimes and I will miss him for all of September, when he’s away. I realise however, that he is as strong as an ox and a big prince, and though the weekend was a mix up, it was just super really.

I will continue to over think and I know that change is afoot. You know when you just know? It is I think.


7 thoughts on “Berries of goodness

  1. Postcards

    Your weekend sounds lovely.
    Is that the pygmy goat from Windmill Hill City Farm? She is the cutest thing, especially with her pink collar.

  2. Genna Pethers

    hey! …another excellent read 🙂 my favourite bit is “I was banned from saying the word Autumnal” haha that is like me too!! especially as summers been non-existent!! Sounds like francois enjoyed his mackerel, my cat, rocky, had grilled parma ham the other day…its a cats life 🙂

  3. Gilly Rochester

    yeah! I too love the ‘he’s Science and I’m English’ – same here with us … god knows how it works but it does (sometimes in the end tho)! I think maybe the tension or undercurrent between the two is pretty crucial in fact x

  4. Joanna

    I love this post, my husband is pretty much I said I wouldn’t want in a partner, and very opposite to me in lots of ways but I love him to bits and wouldn’t swap him for the world!

    1. Hels Writes Post author

      Thanks so much for the comments. Super how other’s can relate to relationships. I’m also loving cracking out ‘Autumnal’ since September has begun. I love this month! Thank you again xxx


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