mobile friends.

Us on mini euro adventure

Carmel came to stay for one night of her journey from Scotland to Cornwall – John O’Groats to Lands End. She’s raising money for the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit – and has already raised 113% of her target. I’ve known Carmel since university and she’s a wonder. She’ll always steam full ahead with any challenge – since university, she’s worked on the tall ships; at Edinburgh Fringe twice; for charity; as a PGL leader; lived in a caravan with a boy in the middle of Cornwall; worked in Africa and now… I hope she relaxes a bit, but also continues to value adventure and possibility. She’s one of the best tea/wine/singing/dancing companions I’ve ever met. I miss her because we have a brilliant understanding and we value similar things – that’s a treasure. She’s a treasure.

Here’s her Just Giving blurb.
Im cycling John O Groats in Scotland to Lands End in Cornwall. Prepared? – ermm… trainned? – humm… keen? – TOTALLY!!!
Before going anywhere else in the world I want to see more local wonders, birds and beasts and meet some of the folks and lasses of this fair old land.

As some of you will know my Dad passed away in 2008 – he was a Scot who loved being in the countryside; with his face into the wind, listening to the birds and watching the ever changing sky. I will be roaming down the country and meeting up with my Dad’s family to give him a send off in his home land, so want to commemorate his love of the wilderness by supporting a trust that is trying to find ways to help people and the wild have a happy future together.

After getting lost in Bristol, eventually she came with more luggage than I thought possible for a bike, along with lyrca, snazzy glasses, cotswolds shortbread and a bag full of plums. We chatted and made everything good, whilst drinking gallons of tea, and eating plum after plum. It was sweet and lovely.


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