The weekend began with me flying close to the edge with a deadline. With eight minutes to go I was terrified that I missed it. This led me to worry for a while, before being escorted from the flat to the downs, with the end of a bottle of red wine and a big fluffy rug. Sometimes you have to let go. I was told. In matching knitwear (accident), Charlie and I lay on the downs until it got freezing cold and the hunger overtook. Illness struck Charlie, so I watched Bridget Jones (quite) and ate dark chocolate (double quite). We slept and slept.

Six hours of cycling the next day. SIX. Massive meandering all the way to The Walled Garden , then ultra fast A38 all the way back, in 40 minutes. Enormous contrast, the latter involving fear dominated speed, the former many inclines. Was all very pretty though. The evening was spend eating prawns on pizza and playing with a friend’s kittens. Then on sunday I face painted for the entire day, for Oxjam – and we made £200, which is super.

This week coming, is an intense week. No doubt I will plaster it all over here as it happens. Suffice to say, I will be trying new things everyday and I have no idea what to expect.


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