Great look! Graciously, I thank you. (see: pleasant)

Oh, pretty Toast.

I always considered Toast to be more for the older, whiskey swizzling woman. Though I always admired their smart mini catalogues, equestrian style and good knitwear, they’ve not appealed hugely. Until I started being drawn into Autumn again. Prematurely, just like spring’s flinging of jumpers with wild excitability at the first glimmer of a daffodil. I am now immersed in my Autumn wardrobe. This could be a mistake; for example, today I am in London. Looking out the window, it looks cloudy and like I may even need a scarf to woosh around my shoulder. But it’s going to be muggy. It is muggy, even old BBC News mister said it’s “rather muggy”.

This inevitably means I will (and have) dressed incorrectly for the power of the mug.gyyyy. Muggy = too warm, rushing is intolerable, mad hair and general not togetherness. The weather makes this happen: dropping things, getting on the wrong tube, feet pain. Toast would not approve. Really I should be strutting, have my eyes alert at all times, holding my oversized clutch, never having to run or look at a tube map in my life. But, dear Toast, if I lived in a sensibly weathered country, I would be ‘together’ at all times. I could even potentially sit on nearly French woman side, the most together- MOTHER- of all together countries. My breton striped t.shirts will never be enough.

Rambling. (This will be the name of my cafe if I have one – with my magazines stacked in the corner, still tapping away, Probably, if it’s possible, with increased intensity on life, the sea and cats – a Lionheart cafe?).

So, as I said, I’m liking Toast. These items (above and below) I like the most. Don’t you think they belong on station platforms, hillsides and by fires? So romantic – and an old vision? No! Never! RRRrr-refined. These will look amazing in the city, glamorous and beautiful – as well as the country, with a whiskey inside you to stay warm. In this flippin’ muggy weather.

Wish me luck in London, the King of all Muggylands of the UK. One of the muggiest places I’ve experienced in the world is Broome, Western Australia and Bangkok in April. Strike. A. Light. And it would melt.

p.s. The swimsuit is in there, because you never know when you may want to (romantically) launch yourself off the end of a (romantic) pontoon. Sorry Toast – walk steadily into the clear waters to undertake a spot of butterfly. Charlie pretty much believes that you/me/everyone should have your swimmers in your bag at all times, incase water presents itself. Imagine coming out of the water (admittedly, cold – but exhilerated!) and wrapping yourself up in a brilliant jumpsuit, then the incredible coat and boots.



5 thoughts on “Great look! Graciously, I thank you. (see: pleasant)

  1. Georgia Coote

    Feel exactly the same about toast, I just wasn’t sure if it was now I was getting older that I was starting to really really like (absolutely love the dresses) it, a mean in terms of pining over the catalogue!xx
    Oh and a Lionheart cafe would be AMAZING!x

  2. Kate

    Great head nod toward Toast- had never heard of them but, as a woman of my mid/late twenties it’s nice to know I can turn towards them for a more forgiving and elegant silhouette than Miss S*******e & assoc.

  3. That in Black Ink

    The whole Toast lifestyle is so appealing but the few times I’ve girdled my wallet and tried something on, the clothes are always far too long. Clearly they have a more willowy, richer customer in mind than me!

  4. Helen

    Ah, it’s definitely about the look and feel of the brand, which can definitely be replicated and inspired by your own preferences. I found some very beautiful, similar items in Rokit the other day – a fraction of the price and still very special. Also, see Pretty Rubbish: Pretty and smart! x


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