rolls of film


Yesterday was the much anticipated Lionheart fashion shoot. All girls, rammed into my little flat. Tea swilling, gingerbread eating and the snap snapping of a beautiful, hefty old camera. I loved putting the outfits together with stylist Sian, as well as nattering, trying on bundles of outfits, dancing to the radio and running in and out of the rain. Huge thanks to everyone who spent their Saturday on team Lion; Stylist – Sian, Model- Lorna Harris, Make Up and Hair – Lara Lockwood, Photographer – Stella Mason and Model’s Assistant- Shannon Kovacs. As well as Fritha, who popped along at the end to pose for her special Lionheart piece. I will write a longer account of the shoot, but for now, I want to celebrate these brilliant people and thank them all so much. EXCITING!

As always, here’s my soundtrack to this: Juliana Barwick, Dancing With Friends.



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