these bricks belong to you.

As well as LFW, I went to London to see some old friends from university. One of which has purchased a beautiful flat. Complete with a mortgage and other such property owning attributes. For example, the mighty boiler, rooms, doors and the potential to rip up the floor, tear out the bathroom and paint the walls magneta. None of this was required here though. They had painted the whole place white and simply added pretty lights and flowers. They’re sitting back before they decide what to do with their very own canvas. There was a serene feel in the flat, with a feeling of space, rest and ambition.

My favourite part: The tiles in the kitchen are terracotta and imperfect. As the sun set hazily over London, the large window was pulled up and the trees became orange tipped with the lowering sun, the high rise constructions melted into the evening. It was like a little Italy, a sanctuary, yet immersed in the pace of the city. Exhaustion slowly evaporated into contentment and excitement. The night’s landscape became a blanket of fairy lights, the sounds and the air, vibrant.

Well done to all my friends doing so, so well. I’m very proud indeed!


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