Mad Men – I still love you

Whilst prancing around in Bath, as one does in that city, as well the wonder that is; Toast, I came across Banana Republic. Like Toast, I’d thought it was a bit too sophisticated/together for me. However, I will soon be 27 and I am starting my own magazine, so I should probably not shy away too much from the power dress. What’s more, I have a girlie (or, womanly…) in and out shape, so waists drawn in and fitted items are good.

Apart from this: They have a Mad Men collection.

I know.

If you’re ever going to work the powerful pencil, shrunken jacket and detailed neckline – I suggest you try this collection, designed by Mad Men costume designer, Janie Bryant. 65 pieces – including some for men, Charlie will like this, though pretend not to – of chin lifting, eyebrow raising, goodness. Not much in the way of Betty, but a whole lot of later Peggy and of course, Joan. No sign of Peter’s dark blue suit, but Don Draper is of course there, though not in his casual, ‘white t.short and chinos’, attire. This is not for gardening or putting up sheds, NO casual Fridays/NO smart cas.

After Mad Men ‘ing myself and Charles in several different situations, I was delighted to try out some of the actual Mad Men collection, with some classic fitting room poses:

All of these outfits are over £100. They felt fab as I marched around the changing room; very thick material, smart and in beautiful colours.

I may as well share one of my Mad Men scenes – Ahem, below you will find a lovely ‘Friday evening dinner’ set up:

Here, I've arrived on my scooter, meeting Charlie after a day of Lionheart. I'm outraged at something in the paper, but here he is, casual as you like, wine poured, ready for a marvelous dinner.

As an important and relevant, aside:

I’m really excited for Pan Am which will help until MM starts again in 2012.


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