Lions, birds and butterflies

Love this: The Aviary

As expected, I have started to accumulate many more lion related items. Being a massive lover of lions – pre-Lionheart Magazine – since I was a small one, I already owned a number of lion pieces. Recently however, it has increased somewhat. If anyone came into my flat, it would be obvious that lions are key, not least because Francois is clearly some sort of small lion himself. It’s all tasteful mind, the lions purveying their land, Athena posters, went when I was 13 and swiftly moved Leonardo DC. in. The lion love has always remained though and I have managed to keep nice collection of LION (including the adopted two), as well as adding to it.

Sadly, I have never hung out with lion cubs/been on some sort of Safari, but I have seen leopards in trees and sunbathing, in Sri Lanka. I would love to meet a lion in Africa. I would also like to do a lot more to help keep lions prowling the plains. I plan on making sure that I do this with Lionheart Magazine; time, words and dedication.

The key point of this post is really to say thank you so much to Victoria of The Aviary, basically one of the most perfect shops. Eco, handmade, upcycled and vintage – LOVE. Key words combining to make incredibly beautiful items. Victoria has been behind Lionheart Magazine from the start. I have been very lucky with the support I have received from so many and I genuinely can’t thank everyone enough, it’s been AMAZING. I have a strengthened belief in people and the brilliance that can come from those you may never have met before. It’s also confirmed to me, that there are people that want a magazine like LH. Yes, I am sentimental today, but it’s true. Thank you.

Now, although I could wear all my lion pieces out of the house, I have decided not to. Instead, I have a little wooden lion brooch by Lost At Sea, that I wear at all times. It’s a beauty, see here, from Soma Gallery. Though I love wearing this all of the time, I was delighted when I was able to add another brooch to my collection c/o The Aviary. I have worn it ever since.

Victoria also sent me this pretty bird keyring.

There Mr Bird is, amongst 50s cat and the pineapple tea light. A perfect scene!

All of it was wrapped in the pages of books, floral fabric and completed with a handwritten label. LOVE. Thank you SO much Victoria! Made me very happy indeed. x


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