autumn leaves, green grass, grand architecture and animals.

It was my birthday on Thursday – I am now the definitely grown up age of 27. Charlie took the day off and we ensured we maxed out the day with activities. We didn’t worry about money, emails, Charlie’s blackberry, Francois’ new ginger nemesis – who he fights with all night – or ANYTHING! It was amazing. That said, we had to do a bit of work – my work – at the Bath In Fashion launch breakfast. I am doing the blogging for the lead up to, and the event itself. This was actually a delight, as it was filled with creative, talented people, delicious bacon butties, bucks fizz and croissants. I became further excited about Bath In Fashion; I LOVE Bath’s history, architecture and fashions – so pretty. We then popped to the shops – for a beautiful new dress – and then to Longleat! Brilliant – tigers, lions, monkeys, rhinos. We ate cake, went round the beautiful house, I got lost in the maze and we rode the little train. Tres bon. Dinner was wine and fishminster chips. A great old day.


One thought on “autumn leaves, green grass, grand architecture and animals.

  1. katykanana

    Beautiful! Grand ol times that have certainly put a smile on my face! I want Longleat! I want it now…
    ONWARDS! I miss both of you a tremendous amount! Soon x


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