dum de dum day

I stood by the mirror with a towel piled up on my head, my hair within it. I was trying to ease last night’s resilient glitter from my face. In the last couple of years, I have been kinder to my face when taking of make-up/copious glitter, so as to not enhance the ageing process. I’ve already blasted it with the sun for years and I think scrubbing it would make it less likely to ping back, soft strokes and be nice to the face.

I was thinking about fresh coffee and orange juice, the sunday papers and meeting etiquette. Then, something definitely cold and possibly wriggly, dropped from the towel onto my shoulder. I looked round. It was black. It was a SPIDER. Running across my back. It was of course, MASSIVE. I chucked off the towels and screamed, then ran, ran, ran, stood on the sofa and continued to scream. Into nothingness. I do not like spiders. I count this experience as my Halloween fright. That’s why I have recounted it.

Later, I felt terrible because I hoovered him up. I never normally hoover up spiders, or hurt them in any way. I thought after a year in Australia I had conquered my phobia of spiders, but some things never change. And, it was ON MY BACK. I am ignoring the fact his wife and family are also in the bathroom, eating breakfast as I type.

The rest of the Sunday was spent in Clevedon. I find this a really strange, but quite pretty place. It’s the sea, but not the sea. They call it the seaside, but it’s not really is it? Anyway, it has a pier, shops that close on Sundays and club signs that have not changed in at least 50 years. We walked along the ‘coast’, explored the lido sea pool (I’m sure this has a more compact name), messed around, chased around, danced around and napped on a bench on the highest point, by the hill fort. We had a day together that we haven’t had for a while.

This is why Autumn is great. Clear, sunny days, pretty leaves, chestnuts, wool, cats come in (apart from F who is going through a phase), all the music artists go on tour, walks, warm cider/wine, boots, fires, sparklers – and this year, my magazine comes out. Charlie has been integral to the whole process – he’s ace. He also makes me laugh.


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