Print, Libraries and Peace. Print Maketh Inspiration Like No Other.

People – mainly from the media – have baulked at my suggestion and intention to print a magazine, from the beginning. With no compromises, filling it with what I truly believe is perfect. Every page, I love.

But of course, to move ‘forward’, you must be within the digital age. I agree in many respects, the internet is a powerful source of commentary and presence, but can’t you do both? I have benefitted from the internet hugely, but it’s not ‘mine’. Print and the content of that print, can belong to me. In my possession forever.

As regards to the content, writing to me, is surely about using words to evoke opinions, thoughts and ideas. When I compromise on this, my passion fades and belief in what I’m doing, becomes meaningless air.

Because to read, be inspired and to learn, is a gift. That’s the premise, the reason and the motivation. The shock at my idea to do this, does nothing. I am clear in my objective. Literature is for growing, for libraries, baths, gardens, beaches, train rides, lunch breaks and imaginations.


One thought on “Print, Libraries and Peace. Print Maketh Inspiration Like No Other.

  1. foxinsoxbooks

    Hiya, first, love those bookshop/library pics.
    Seconds, please check out my BeesMakeHoney blog, I feel you might have some experience worth contributing in your magazine venture?


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