my song

It’s been a very interesting week. In summary:
1) I finally got everything for Lionheart Magazine sent to the proof reader.
2) I had a meeting with the Waitrose magazine buyer and am now potentially going to have Lionheart Magazine stocked in Waitrose stores by January. National, beautiful shops, stocking Lionheart. Happy.
3) My Mum came to stay for two nights and one day. We went for dinner at The Botanist, I drove us in circles around Bristol, we ate a delicious breakfast at the amazing Walled Garden, we walked, drank tea, got lost in a car park, meandered around, read and watched Sarah Beeny’s restoration nightmare.
4) I am working tomorrow in the little shop, whilst Charlie goes surfing somewhere in either Wales or Devon. Apparently the low pressure is immense.
5) My fairy light obsession continues. See above.
6) I am going to do the launch mini shindig – as a little thing in Bristol, then meet ups around and about. I had ideas of all sorts of places and then dates clashed, things moved around and I decided that I will just do this exactly how I would like, with my zero type budget. I am optimistic. That’s what the Lion is about – the spirit will be there.
7) Pan Am is excellent TV!
Eight) I love this song. Melancholy, out for a while already, but blah – love it.


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