on a magic island

This weekend was spent:
* Walking
* Working in the little fancy dress shop – where I was visited by some lovely craft foxes, coffee & stellar sales techniques inclusive.
* Thai food and poker
* Coffee writing chats.
* Photos taken by my favourite Redland area in the November sun. I’m not very good at posing AT ALL. Though I am mocked by Charlie and I do have an insta-smile pose, it’s true, I can’t do serious/mid distance, unless in 100% jest.

Note Charlie’s movember number.
* The Rum Diaries at the smallest cinema, with mugs of tea and those clip on letters atop the front door. A super film too: zoom round puerto rico in a red car, with copious rum, a typewriter, lust and a soundtrack to fuel the most dormant wanderlust. Flamboyance, caution to the wind and curiosity.
* Last bits checked over for magazine.
* Flapjack making.
* Cycling.
* Red wine and MacBook.
– So sad I missed Fritha‘s baby shower! But I hope to bestow my pretty things upon her soon – at least before Wilfryd makes his appearance. I know, gorgeous name.
– Charlie went surfing in Wales from 7am Saturday until I got home from the shop. He was super rad stoked about the whole day.



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