I have been moving from the printers to the parties this week. I am going to send the FINAL version of the magazine to the printer tomorrow. I am also organising the launch party, which has shown me at my most indecisive. I know what I would like, but it exists in my imagination. Just like ‘that dress’, ‘those trousers’ and that ‘my dream house’. That said, I think I have found something very close to perfect and now I am very excited about creating a Lionheart paradise. I really hope that old and new friends can join me in celebrating Lionheart Magazine’s first issue release! I will of course send details and invites asap once it has been properly confirmed. I am planning a variety of Lionhearted wonders. It can be a Lionheart home for a day and night!

Running alongside this excitement, anticipation and sleeplessness, is a renewed desire to travel to a far flung land. Classic me behaviour. That said, I am definitely not running away, I long to do Lionheart forever, I would just love to go on a new adventure! It’s one of my favourite things and wherever I go, I will always write and never stop creating the lion. She’s looking INCREDIBLE in her 99% finished status. No hyperbole, she’s a true beaut. And as the printer guy said: ‘A book to keep’.


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