the water beckoned, the pebbled beach said hi and the powdery hot chocolates were nodding with delight

If you click on one of these pictures, it becomes a slideshow type device. Natty.

Today we went to Wales. We were planning a walk somewhere, but Charles got news of surf. So we scooted off in the car and zoomed to the Welsh lands. It was utterly freezing, though admittedly I am weak when it comes to the cold, hence my over zealous clothing. C still stripped off, got his wetsuit on and flung himself into the water. I mooched about on the beach, cafe etc. Reading, thinking and wandering. This was the past and will be/is the future/now – though I used to go in too, back in the day. Charlie is trying to force the surf back upon me.

I am thinking perhaps I should when we are in Jersey for Christmas time. They do have nice cafes on the beaches there though… Last time we stayed there, we spent the night in his Dad’s van on Boxing Day. We got the Thai takeaway in St Helier to deliver to the van. It could have been ridiculously romantic, if it wasn’t colder than the coldest I have ever been, and Charlie hadn’t accidentally ran over his Dad’s board in the morning (it was under the car). That said, it was sort of romantic and we both had sufficient knitwear. Matching (natch/I know).


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