Charlie has been away this week, leaving the cat and I to fend for ourselves. I have felt that I have been within the magazine, fluttering about, staying up late working and writing to do lists out the window. I wish that Charlie was here to share this time with me, as he has been amazing throughout this journey of lions. I just hope, hope that the magazine looks as beautiful as I see it and saw it nine months ago, when it comes to me in copious boxes next week. However, I know that whatever happens, Charlie is proud and that’s pretty cool. No matter what happens, he is out there, sitting in the sea, cheering me on. I would say that he is a rock or turbine, but he’d rather be free and flouncing about in the sea.

He came back from his work sojourn, yesterday evening with my – as always – requested location magnet and I gave him one of his Christmas presents early, because I always do this with presents. It made me very happy to see him again and it still astounds me how my worries become tiny and silly when I am with him. He makes me feel my best. This is so sentimental. Sorry. I don’t know what’s happened to me.

Dear Charles, I’m sorry I tried to make you watch another Ryan Gosling film last night (luckily for you, we only watched three minutes. Though I will watch it over the weekend, probably – sorry). But look it made us remember The Acorn! Bit like Grizzly Bear, bit like Bon Iver – almost definitely Canadians, non? Also, as an aside, I like how we woke up simultaneously from Francois’ loud mutterings, as he dreamt at the end of the bed. Funny cat.


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