I’m here

Million pound unnecessary but necessary cape thing from here.

Merino. Obviously. From here.
Seeing as I appear to be making a list:

I know that I’ve been neglecting this blog a bit lately. Charlie is away in Copenhagen this week. Last week, Amsterdam. Next week, Hamburg. I got him some gloves for the freezing temperatures. F cat and I expect some good fridge magnets from these places. Amsterdam’s was quite tasteful. I think Hamburg has an amazing market, so potentially a vat of mulled wine, as a Christmas addition.

I’ve been flitting about working at the fancy dress shop, marching round Bath and visiting the printers or sending them 400 emails, daily. You can see some printer action, here. I’m also trying to work out the launch party. I’m hoping that people will COME! Last night it was Craft Foxes at mine – Christmas style, with mince pies and mulled wine. I also tried to make a lavender square thing. I think my skills lie in the vision/design? – my impatience really lets me down – ahem. However, I am committing myself to a making a quilt. One day. I promise, I love craft. I just have a LOT of room for improvement. Could making a magazine be described as a craft?


One thought on “I’m here

  1. freyamorris

    Yes – definately. Magazine creation is the highest of crafts. Was hoping to come to the launch party but it’s looking less and less likely. I’m living in the hope that I can pretend I was there through some good blogging/picture taking in this blog. All the best!


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