Christmas ‘az begun! ?

We flew to Jersey on Monday, initially thinking it was Sunday and telling everyone is was Sunday. Not the best thing to do with relatives planning. Anyway, after a nice, homely weekend in Brighton – my horrendous lonely journey for four hours with a cracked windscreen, torrential rain and the RAC to get there on Thursday (Charlie was in Hamburg) – we were on Jersey island. The world of sea, sea food, sea yearning and sea wear. It’s a beauty and I am breathing in this fresh air, with relaxation on my mind and cheese boards in my future. BUT. I am finding it very hard to not think about the magazine and so do, intermittently and yet consistently. You see what I mean? I love the badger and I just want to be all over the isle of England yabbering on about the glories of THE Lionheart. However, I have left my mum at home with a box of lionhearts and address labels, ready for posting – she is a gem – and after day three and a classic argument with Charlie, I am starting to get festive. Finally. I guess, it just felt – launch party, freelance stuff, shop, Brighton, Jersey. I want more, more, MORE time on Lionheart! But it’s Christmas. IT IS CHRISTMAS. Everyone needs to embrace, sing, drink, eat and pop corks on the beach. Of 2011.


HERE’s TO 2012! Love, lucky, la de da. (Sorry)

Anyway, back to Jersey – Charlie’s Dad is currently living in a very lovely house, which makes me think I am a character from Gatsby, one of my very favourite books. There are sinks hidden in cupboards – and a drinks cabinet hidden in a cupboard – as well as chandeliers, the sea on the doorstep and the highest ceilings. Charlie purchased/gifted me a furry hat, which I will be wearing whilst he drives his Dad’s car with no roof. Parallel parking hasn’t been so funny since I was 17. That car is a beast and we intend to get his Granny French in it when we take her for tea. She’s 80 on Friday and has only asked for new bones. She’s super and makes the most incredible French apple tarts. She doesn’t have a passport, but I want her to get one, as she loves the sound of Francois. And our little flat.

Hels xo

p.s. I heard Lionheart Magazine would make an amazing present…!
p.p.s. I keep thinking the hat is a Francois turned grey.

Oh – my lion badge is by The Aviary x


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