As I hoped, Christmas in Jersey slowly made me wake up without the buzz from my heart to my fingertips, a whirlwind in my stomach. These aren’t necessarily bad sensations, of course, there is nothing like a bit of adrenalin and excitement to up productivity. However I needed an escape, just so I could launch back into things with vigour in January. The month of resolutions, grand plans, to do lists and (my) Google searches revolving around adventures in far flung destinations. This January I’m in though, no thoughts of escaping, I’m ready for the return to lion lock down. Whatever happens this year, it will be an adventure.

I’ve started things off by throwing out those furiously annoying throws on the sofas. Triple throw attachments on sofas are only frustrating. Plus Charlie doesn’t understand throw etiquette. Francois certainly doesn’t. I now have one massive throw on each sofa. I’ve also made a homage to the ocean by putting up my Brighton beach picture and vintage beach picture thing, next to C’s apparently unmoving surfboard. I also put some pebbles about. C’s Granny French gave me a number of doilies. They’re out. As is the tablecloth I purchased for fabric in a charity shop, but opened it up properly (ah no, I didn’t in the shop) to find an amazing peachy print. £1.99 = sunshine. Bits and bobs, changing. I have more interior plans. A bad (but good, because it’s awful) thing, is that post NYE cocktail safari, I seemingly slept walked to my wardrobe, thinking it was a door to take me to the bathroom. It, being the quality construction that it is, is now essentially destroyed. I have no idea what happened, but I remember being outraged that C would not help me open the ‘door’. He remembers nothing. I thought it was all a dream, until I awoke to wobbling wardrobe reality. I also forgot our bed broke in November.

Francois has been seen once in three weeks. LOCK. DOWN.

I wish for wonderful things for everyone in 2012. It’s a nice, round number. Neat. Not like the number three, or those double ones. I will be 28, C will be 26 and Francois will be three. Hurrah! May health, joy and happiness win the year!


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