Yellow is the best of colours

I know it’s a cliche – whack out the yellow when the windy January blues hit, like a tornado, err literally too, it’s chaos out there – but yellow is my FAVOURITE colour. That and baby blue. Maybe some deep purple, splat of red and I’m done. Yellow is the best though. Apart from to wear. I can’t ever decide what colour suits me to wear, but I tend to wear a rainbow in the hope that one of them will. Those like me, with green eyes, are supposed to suit purple apparently. Worn as eyeliner or shadow, they can make your eyes ‘POP!’ Though, with a bad night’s sleep, I have a feeling the application will make for an anti-pop. I must quickly speak of SLEEEEEP, because our bed is broken and I have not been sleeping amazingly as a result. At this time, my one and only love and semi-remedy for making me feel/look awake – despite my yellow love – is red lipstick. It’s the best thing. The sunshine go get ’em equivalent of basking in yellow coloured goods and then jumping in a merry fruit salad. In Brazil/somewhere hot.

Anyway, I have gathered some sunny products of which I desire, but will probably not ever have. That said, I am drinking from my yellow Le Creuset mug, which makes me feel simultaneously optimistic, warm and appreciative of inappropriately expensive kitchen wear. Firstly I must say, the sunnier outlook has been aided by the return of F-cat, Lambchop the first. He has started sleeping on the heating pipes again, behind the bikes. He has also been hugging again. Paws outstretched. Also, Charlie and I are getting a KING SIZED bed tonight. Goodbye bed with inbuilt ditch. Goodbye space fighting. He wants to swap sides, but his side is next to the window. Yesterday the wind draft (the window was closed), threw cards and fairy lights off the window ledge. I don’t think so turbine Chaz. Yellow follows.

Etsy, Lizzie Fortunato Jewels, Etsy, Modcloth, Urban Outfitters, Etsy, oops – not sure, Le Creuset.


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