Whispering oats

My old mates, OATS, have been with me all week. Winter always seems to amount to oat consumption. Oats and potatoes. I absolutely love big breakfasts and without my porridge in the morning, I would positively not last until lunchtime with an iota of a spring in my frozen footsteps. I FEEL the cold, right until it makes me as numb as a blue, creaky penguin. Oats help with this. Not least, flapjacks. I made these the other day and Charlie and I have been munching our way through them all week.

I have been banging on about them all week.

Back to breakfast – I used to just chuck a mountain of porridge oats in a pan, with a ridiculous amount of milk. As it was porridge, I considered it healthy. Like everything from the Good Food Store is of course good for me, as it’s from the Good Food Store. Yes? Non! I was adverse to monitoring quantity and the idea of water in porridge made me feel I would be cheated somehow. Again, non! I have very recently discovered that oatmeal is in fact, very tasty. Despite my initial thoughts, I spent 69p on some and added in dried apple, cinnamon, pumpkin seeds, crushed brazil nuts and honey. Yum. I vow from this moment forth to weigh my new found oatmeal and eat it. Like this:

With Pukka Cleanse tea in a teapot. HEALTH. GOODNESS. I think it will have a knock on effect of making me more organised in general life activities. I have put a pack of tissues, a bottle of water and lavender hand cream in my bag in anticipation of this. Just like I envisage myself. I’ve already swiped some to do list hanger ons.

Whispering oats… Not really sure what this means, but going to interpret it as the oats whisper through everything and power the day, as they have for centuries. Yes. ‘Whispering’ also adds a touch of the romantic to the oat, I think.

The MIGHTY oat.


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