Like a beige curtain, wafting in the morning’s breeze, I, for a little while abandoned the blog, until it became an afternoon’s storm out there and then a post chaotic haze. The curtain was whipping around wildly, but I had no time to tie the thing down. Now the curtains are blue and white, dappled with sunshine and the flowers are opening again. The storm is nearly within the compartments of memory. Soon, a new tornado will arise. But for now I am furiously sweeping away the ends of before and organising things. That’s what you do, when things change. Lists, oh lists, I love thee.

Riddles are my coping mechanism, sunshine is my life. I’ll speak in Anglais: things that have happened:

* Lionheart has been signed with COMAG, to be distributed by them – this means that they will now be in Waitrose, Paperchase and lots of tres cool places, that I envisaged the lion to roar, when it was merely a cub, scampering away in notebooks. It all happened very nicely, over a coffee and a great dark wood table.

* I have a new, full time job. This is pretty much excellent. I am an Editor for something else. It’s very interesting and completely different to Lionheart Magazine. I enjoy it. Plus, they have wonderful white chairs and enormous windows. This job is also good for Charlie and I.

* Lionheart is going to four times a year. For definites. I signed a contract. Thank you to everyone who has supported and purchased the magazine x

* Charlie got a promotion! Proud, proud!

* Lovely friends are moving away to live in a yurt.

* Other lovely friends are engaged. I am LOVING the wedding prep.

Everyone pretty much announced all their news within one week. Prosecco was being popped with wild abandon! Amazing! I also heard from one of my fabulous contributors Hannah, that she has had her baby – congratulations to the fam! My emotions are HIGH!

I’ll chat about our MB in my next post, but suffice to say, it was perfect. Now I have Bath In Fashion freelance to finish, Lionheart 2 to put together and lots of embracing to do! It’s a love dove time!

I’ll just quickly say, that the beige curtain has gone and normal *new* service is back on.
(Please excuse complete overuse of exclamation marks, it’s a little phase x)


One thought on “updated

  1. Fran

    That’s fantastic news about the editor job and even more fantastic that you’ve got some support for Lionheart! We’ve all seen how hard you’ve worked and I am so happy for you that it’s all paid off. You really deserve it lady!


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