My goodness, I’ve been a busy bee. Creating Lionheart, as well as fundraising, finding ad’s, sorting finances and organising distribution. I feel like an ant carrying a donut. I’m clearly overjoyed to be doing it, I can feel the sugar raining as I walk, my cheeks are rosy with glee and my heart is skipping with every page that is finished. But it’s good to know when time needs to stop. When words need to flow again, when the outside beckons, the sprouting plants wave in the wind and a ginger cat meows in one’s face.


I’m going to try and start blogging more regularly again, as I feel like things need to be aired. Like throwing mini planes, let them go and save Charlie from the occasional minute detail discussion, or alternative drought of words.

These things don’t come easy, but that’s super cool. Ya know? !


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