small but very good

Things that I like:

Faye Dunaway in Bonnie and Clyde. Classic style, loving.

My Herman cake.
From Guardian website, by Lizzie Enfield:
‘For anyone not yet initiated into the ritual of Herman cake creation, it is the culinary equivalent of a chain letter. Someone presents you with a jar of yeasty mix and a set of instructions on when to add sugar, flour and sift or stir it. Ten days on, you divide the mixture into five, pass four jars onto friends and, with the rest, bake yourself a very yeasty and sugary but surprisingly tasty cake.

‘The name Herman is taken from the Amish sweet, cinnamon-flavoured bread and the cakes have their origins in the sourdough products made by the early American pioneers. Airborne yeast was used to ferment a mixture of flour sugar and water, and then used to make pancakes, bread and cakes. What was left of original starter leavening mixture was then passed around the community for others to cook with.’

My Herman looked like the below (see, see!) and was/is still extremely tasty.

Francois doing a drive by. At least he is now at least doing drive bys. He’s still the sweetest ginger tom.

Ducks. Their quacking sounds like laughing. They make me cackle and chuckle from my toes to my fingers.

Photos with sun glimmers on. Like this one of Kirsten Dunst on Italian Vogue‘s website. It’s like looking at the: sun, when all you can see is: rain.


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