dear England

Although I love this country – its towering, grandiose Georgian buildings, meadows of summer, creativity at every corner, dry humour and appreciation for words and most importantly, my closest people – there is a record playing at the back of my mind and heart, whispers of adventure, of something completely different. Of sunshine beaming from the skies and experience of the new. I’m not sure whether to hush it, or jump in a little car and run with it. I see us running with it one day. But for now, the coffee is getting better, the lessons are still waiting to be learned and I’m understanding the importance of important things. But just the whisper is exciting and fun – that we could jump in a car and rush off. Rushing to learn, see and live whatever may come next!



One thought on “dear England

  1. Lottie

    Do it! Before you have kids and have to think of schools and things like that. Don’t regret not doing it – doesn’t sound like you will though.


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