When the wind is blowing, the window frame stuttering with its force and we’re playing quick draw with the rain and our washing, the right thing to do to placate the English summer situation, is to get out there in that gale. Grab the waterproofs and a wooly hat and jump in to the mighty weather system. Otherwise, it’s pure cookies and ice cream – with none of the bluster satisfaction. The VERY best thing I like to do when the weather is wild (and obviously when it’s deliciously HOT – remember this?) is to go to the water.

To camp by the ocean. Growing up by the sea, travelling by the waters of various world locations and going to university in Cornwall has left me a being that needs the ocean. Together with Charlie’s Jersey roots and surf love, we often get ocean sick and have to scoot off to bask, brisk walk or bathe. We love to go and camp in Woolacombe and Croyde – such as the Woolacombe Bay site, it’s not too far from Bristol and when you set up your tent after the singing journey, and look out as the sun sets, the coconut scented plants swinging in the wind and a cold cider in hand, hair curled with the sea water, nose touched by the sun (always if you’re by the water ya know) it’s blissful. Devon and Cornwall are perfect for exploring, discovering and understanding the natural world in England – their proximity is another reason why I love living in Bristol – but one day, we need to go and live by the ocean again.


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