Plain Packets

I could hear the little flick, flick of the flame trying to catch. The sizzling tobacco sound, like a tiny bonfire catching light. And then the deep inhaling inwards. The inhaling of smoke straight in to the body. In my mind, the body is filling with smoke. The heart has small shields, but the smoke suffocates. Of course, smoking has taken place for years and years, but the fact that anyone close to me could/is still smoking, when it’s CLEARLY PROVEN to be so BAD – creates a frown on my face. It’s NOT ‘just smoking‘, smoking kills. Why shorten your life by inhaling smoke right in to it?

When I was at university, my English course had barely any non-smokers. The rhythmic rolling of the cigarette was like a ritual, a pre discussion agent. The refectory was choc full with smoke back then. As were the cafes, clubs and pubs were always misty with the fog of smoking. The idea of a smoking ban seemed preposterous. But then it happened. And we got used to it. My jacket no longer filled the house with smoke after going out of an evening, the refectory cleared of smoke and the pubs lost their ash trays – which having worked at many bars and clubs, cleaning the ash trays is the MOST disgusting job. Anyway, since the ban time has ticked by and gradually more rules have came in, still people pop outside for a smoke. The pictures of smoking effects on packaging did nothing to deter.

Don Draper, step in please::

The truth is – smokers should never start, of course. It’s when they’re young, it’s the habit, it’s the stress, it’s a million and one reasons, but it’s one decision and it’s so devastating. Smoking is the greatest cause of premature death in the UK. I’m supporting plain packets. It’s great there are screens in front of tobacco, but what about out of the shops? It may not stop adults – and I don’t think it would – but plain packaging may stop a child or teenager smoking and whatever can possibly be done, even if it stops just one person taking up smoking, it’s worth it.


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