Ava, the terrific tortie

ME: “She’s a delicate flower!”
VET: “She’s not, this is a little tiger!”
CHAZ: “There’s a smart maine coon called James up the road, are kittens a…”
VET: “I don’t think so, only if you don’t ever want her outside”
*Pause, wriggling kitten*
VET: “She’s great”

Second cats involve:-
* Wild climbing
* Cuddles
* Eyelash tapping
* Door sprints
* New difficulties using any sort of wired/computer device
* Food stealing (kitten stealing cat’s)
* Francois smirking, then wandering off
* First cat, Francois the first, looking like a giant, genuine lion cat, made of muscle – like an Olympic lion swimmer
* People saying ‘just have a bebe’
* Pride in my family with its tremendous pets

She likes Lionheart – see her guarding the boxes, as well as attacking – as per the box behind her. Impressivo.


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