Jeffrey Lewis & The Junkyard, for the newspaper

I went to see Jeffrey Lewis last week with Charlie – reviewing for The Post, like the beginning. I thoroughly enjoyed writing a music review again, and am thinking more reviews are beckoning. Read it in full, here.

“FROM New York City, it’s Jeffrey Lewis & The Junkyard!” A true (anti)show, a polished little explosion of music, art and East Side culture, kept fresh through the band’s innate creativity.

It feels as if the light should be a murky beige and we should be in New York, standing at the bottom of a downtown dark grey building, set aside from the bright flashing lights of the capitalism fandango.

Maybe it’s the late ’60s. It could be as it’s the period that seems to run through the band’s every note and liberated spirits; but then their dry humour, lyrics and attitude is thoroughly modern and lightly questioning.

With a Jeffrey Lewis & The Junkyard performance, not only do you have a collection of beautiful, soft folk songs, mixed with punky, vibrant songs, you also have a series of “lessons” and stories, shown with rhyming lyrics, and the assistance of comic illustrations.

In this show, the head nodding and swaying audience were told about the approaching 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis anniversary – nearly the end of the world, but not. As well as the Complete History of Punk in the Lower East Side of New York City and a film noir detective story.

Jeffrey himself captures the friendly, chatty guy that you perhaps met once and will always remember. Interesting and intelligent, his lyrics are poetic, political, satirical and truthful.” Read it in full, here.


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