bright as a pumpkin

News, news, news! Hot off the pumpkin press! I will start with the latest news, we are moving flats! Hoorah! to one with a magnificent BATH, FIREPLACE and STAIRS – as well as (drum roll) STORAGE SPACE, GARDEN, OFFICE SPACE/BEDROOM and a CATFLAP. Basically it’s really nice, more expensive, but pretty. And has a smart kitchen that you could even do little cookery film in, it would rival any chirpy celebrity chef’s, I tell thee! Charlie is beside himself with happiness, because he can once again have a bath for four hours a day. I am DELIGHTED about the open fire potential and the fact I will not have to work pretty much sitting upon my bed. We had grown out of our flat with its 70s styling, bits stuck on with reindeer tape, dark brown doors and windowless bathroom. Flat: It’s been a pleasure, but now as the sparklers come out for Guy Fawkes, so must the four of us leave you for the next. Excited!


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