Sensitive skin – Ecover ZERO

You can imagine 14 months of travelling can make washing the entire contents of your backpack a sporadic and celebratory affair. I lugged around a box of ‘Sunshine Fresh!’, bottle of ‘Friendly fabric conditioner!’ and even Napisan… I don’t know, I thought it was great. I’d pour the whole of my backpack – shoes, bikinis, washbags, the lot – into the giant washing machine drums and read Aussie trash mags telling me all about the cast of Neighbours and Aussie reality TV shows. I used to quite enjoy that alone time, only breaking to buy the odd banana Paddlepop.

It has since become an addiction somewhat. I really enjoy washing our clothes and sheets. Fresh sheets on a bed is simply SPLENDID. If I could put the whole of our flat into a washing machine drum, I definitely would. Now, I have learnt that not all detergent and cleaning products are nice detergent and cleaning products. My nesting has found me swinging from excessively using bleach on the bathroom tiles etc. to trying to form cleaning concoctions with natural ingredients. I have found that bleach = destroyed hands and natural creations = too impatient and not very good at sticking to the recipes (read: lazy). It’s important that we don’t have anything savage, as Charlie gets eczema, ’tis true and that everything gets CLEANED, as per my Aussie cleaning devotion. So what is the answer?

This is where Ecover comes in. We have been using Ecover on and off for years now and are really happy with how everything feels mighty fresh. However, recently I’ve been completely devoted to it. Especially since the people at Ecover were kind enough to send me their Ecover ZERO products to test out. After receiving the package, I immediately stripped the bed and chucked our sheets in the washing machine. Ecover ZERO is fragrance free, for sensitive skin i.e. Chaz and anyone who wants something soft and gentle, with great washing power. As they say, sometimes fragrance free is the kindest option of all. ‘As well as being better for those prone to itchy skin, switching to Ecover ZERO can help to reduce allergic symptoms.’

I was chatting about it this morning with Charlie. I openly admit that I am a loser and enjoy buying new soaps, cleaning bits and such for the flat. He was eating and definitely not listening to my ramblings – I told him what I had noticed: ‘Chaz! Chaz! What do you think of the sheets? They’re different, fresher that normal, non?’ Reply: ‘Err, yep.’ Continued: ‘Chaz, it’s supposed to be delicate to your skin!’ Exclamation mark! Chaz looks at his hands – he often scratches them throughout the night, but they are clearer than I have seen them in weeks, months even. ‘Oh’, he says ‘my hands look good’.

Yes, yes they do Charlie! I was genuinely surprised and high fived my nesting skills – or Ecover ZERO. Without sounding like an advertisement from the 50s, *I’m smiling as I speak!!*, you know the type: I am definitely going to stick with Ecover ZERO. Absolutely not just because they are really nice and sent me my package, but because it clearly works very well indeed. And the washing up liquid is the same as the detergent and fabric conditioner – soft, fresh and works – with nothing to hurt hands. Ahh, he’s so delicate. Thanks Ecover!


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