a new day, a new year

I love curtain shots*

Well, I am 28 years-old tomorrow and will be entering my ‘official’ late 20s. I am OK about it because eight is my favourite number and it is not 29 or 30, both of which sound far more dramatic. I have also decided to give up on the checklist thing. I accidentally discovered/realised that late 20s is really fun, without it even trying to be. And I certainly don’t give a dime about checking off a list, gaining tickets for the future – it’s old fashioned and limiting and feels like waiting for entry at a fairground ride. No, no, no! Attitude is key.

*When I awake, I find myself – especially at weekends – lying in my bed and almost subconsciously becoming mesmerised by the curtains (I say curtains, ours are more like sheer waifs of fabric), swaying and silently billowing in waves. The flat is quiet and sleeping and nothing is expected, just a new day begins. PROFOUND TIMES, DECISION TIMES, RELAXING TIMES< with monsieur CurTain.

28 28 28 28 28 28 28


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