Lionheart Three Cover <3

I love this so, so much!

Hurrah! What do you think? *Superstars* = Photography by: Denise Bovee, illustration by Gemma Milly and typography by Holly Giblin. Concept dreamt up by myself and Gem through a bazillion emails, mood boards and excitable banter. I love it very much.

Oh and the adventures in store, printed onto the thick pages of Lionheart Magazine issue three. In the magazine you’ll find interviews, photography, craft, stories, illustration, baking and wild adventures, that will hopefully inspire with the magic of possibility. Adventure, I have discovered, is an intriguing subject and one that means something different to every individual. Love, marriage, road trips, birth, kids, making, baking, LIONS, house buying, travel, story telling and just really, really relaxing. Imagination and creativity on each page, but pure honest truth running through it. A lion’s roar.

Buy your copy, here.


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