Somewhere, someone, something

Rowing in the city

As much as I like skipping bunnies in the countryside, perhaps a real life deer as seen on a fairisle knitted print, berries, grass, twigs, the faint scent of apples – I also flippin love the city. Sometimes I feel more inspired by the urban landscape than by the trickling streams of the countryside. Being surrounded by anonymity, finding a seat somewhere with a hot steam wafting coffee, thrilled with the constantly changing sights and feel, the whispers of relationships. Being surrounded, being free. So with this in mind, I obviously loved New York last week. I thought it was a great, shiny bulb of ambition, positivity, poetry and that grey fatigue that I sort of love. The American Dream was palpable, it shone in every twinkling light and in some places (Times Square), great waves of it crashed and ebbed with every breath. I also liked the more family type areas, Williamsburg to name one. Red brick streets, small shops and warehouses for coffee shops. I find I always have the city V country conundrum. When I want peace the countryside is bliss, but can make me restless. Sometimes I want the countryside to be different – I want to move somewhere with larger skies and brighter sunshine. A bit like the cover of the latest issue of Lionheart.


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