So we switch on the television

Grunge vintage television

We have now been without TV for one month. This is apart from a week in NYC, where I became fascinated by US television’s love for feature length segments starring Taylor Swift singing while sat on a white chair and how to eat and drink without removing a smidge of lipstick. Their morning television had no dry humour, only jazz hands and the whitest teeth – without a smidge of lipstick. I now understand why every word and title Begins In Uppercase.

Anyway, no internet or TV. It’s been useful; to read, talk, go through all our stuff, listen to music and watch films (before the DVD player broke). But now, I want to be able to watch TELEVISION and use THE INTERNET. Christmas is nearly upon us, and I’m desperado to watch The Snowman and laugh at news reader’s ties. Bridget Jones, Turkish Delight and being able to tweet tweet. Let alone Christmas shop online. I want to see Anthropologie in the comfort of my own home. I want to watch Downton Abbey!

But, at the same time – I’ve loved having none of these things. Modern life demands them in many ways, but I mean… does it? I’ve loved reading my books, going for walks, sitting by the fire, listening to 6 music and cooking (occasionally – once a Nigella mega cake). I’ve liked looking through all our collected things and separating the good from the tat. And mostly, I’ve enjoyed sitting with C and the cats and looking at their funny faces, rather than screens.

So hello TV and internet (if the man succeeds to connect you) – my view of you is different from before, but I will be excited to see you.


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