Warm as toast.


It’s February, which in my mind, means that spring has already started to sprungify itself – boing! Up go the daff’s, pounce goes the kitten in the grass, weeeee goes the piglet across the errr pigsty and ooh, can you smell that? Warm bread fresh and bouncy under its crust, summer scented strawberry jam and a glass of orange juice, glistening in the morning sunray arrows shooting across the room. I like being right, as it was only yesterday that I was banging on to Charlie about the beginning of s.p.r.i.n.g. and tim tam bam, I can see it today. Still freakin’ cold, but springy.

Anyway, we have spent the day wandering around in the sunshine, baking flapjacks, flying Charlie’s darn glider and oh yes, I regret (NOT) to say, in IKEA. I purchased some frames, glasses and Charlie got me a scrubbing brush for washing up. We are an equal household, but I will admit I get more excited over buying household necessities – like washing up liquid and mops, than he does. Rightly so – when did this happen to me?

Back to frivolous. I love this new season coat by TOAST (top). In the winter particularly, I swoon at the earth that TOAST walks upon and makes pretty with lux detailed and yet rustic ideologies and a fantastical lifestyle swathed in cashmere. In reality, I (only) have an amazing bag by them and I have a TOAST hot water bottle cover. I don’t know what this means either.


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